Aspect Management Ltd. is working on the project ESPOLITICA EU funded by ERASMUS+ Programme, Civil society cooperation in the field of Youth.

There is a big need in our local community for higher empowerment and involvement of young women in the participation in democratic life, for more awareness and youth participation in EU actions, for more awareness of European policy agendas in youth (for example EU Youth Strategy including the European Youth Goals) and a need for a direct conversation between young people, in this case young women and public authorities that implement policies and reforms, especially in areas relevant for young people.

With the project the partners have commited to the EU parliament’s campaign # DondeEstánEllas with the intention of making visible women experts in European or international current affairs, counting the percentage of women experts participating in institutional debates and searching for possible difficulties that may have arisen from the participation of women, in parallel to an effort to avoid presentations in which only men participate.

The first group of 15 future change makers have finished the course successfully, creating their own local projects that will generate a positive impact in their communities, and boost their involvement in different areas of public life. After the course some of them, thanks to the training they had on European opportunities, participated in youth exchanges offered by the Erasmus+ program and enrolled in Erasmus+ study exchange program. The results in the form of a report of the project can be seen on this link:



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