Our colleagues from The Association on Refugees and Migrants–Bulgaria (ARM-BG) are partners is a very interesting project with name “Network of Organizations and Towns for the European Elections” (NOTE). The project is a result from an initiative of 13 towns from 11 EU Member States in the framework of the programme CERV.  They represent citizens, local governments and civil society organisations from: Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Lithuania and Germany. The project activities are planned for 24 months, from September 2022 to September 2024, and are aligned with the next European Elections. NOTE will promote the exchange of experience and modus operandi between the partners in the following three ways: 1) bringing information on the role of the Union and its democratic values to local citizens; 2) striving bottom-up social mobilisation for active European citizenship and democratic European Elections to the European Parliament in 2024, and 3) favouring cultural and civic exchange, also on a personal level. Young citizens (18-35 y.o.) of the partnered towns are at the heart of this initiative as they are the ones who made a difference in the European Elections to the European Parliament in 2019. We will keep you updated for the implementation of the activities planned during the project.





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