On 28 March Ms. Kostadinka Todorova take part in a HoN online meeting. During the first part of the meeting the HoN’s shared with each other what kind of challenges they met during coordinating the National Networks of Anna Lindh Foundation and a different tools for motivation of the members for active participation in the life of each National Network were discussed  The second part of the meeting past in a format of “virtual home’’ where people can ‘’seat’’ on a different tables and discus lays of solving of a common problem. One of the main focus of the meeting was elaboration of “The ALF – Common Values’’ document. The development of the document was started during the physical HON meeting in Marseille earlier this year and Ms. Todorova (HON of Anna Lindh Bulgaria) was actively participated in the process. The meeting ends with a wish for many successful initiatives inside in each National Networks and a lot of collaboration between the different Networks.





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