Youth Information Center- Karlovo celebrated Earth Day (April 22) with another eco-action, this time in the beautiful nature of the “Momini gurdi” (translated lady’s breasts) area above the village of Beguntsi, Karlovo municipality.

The youngsters started their eco-walk from the letters “I love Beguntsi” and the sign for the eco-path, which local youth put up in 2022 within a project of the Youth Center, supported by the European Youth Foundation.

The beautiful eco-path passes through the two “lady’s breasts”, with the local residents placing a cross on one peak, and a pylon with the Bulgarian flag on the other. In places there are benches and a beautiful gazebo “perched” on a hill with great views.

Beguntsi City Hall and local residents happily supported the youth initiative by providing guides for the eco-trail, and grandmother Velka from the village supported the participants with freshly popped popcorn and sweets for the journey. The young people, in turn, donated a first aid kit and two signs to be place along the eco-path to remind tourists to keep our beautiful nature clean.

Fortunately, the young ecoreactors have not found much waste along the eco-trail, instead enjoyed beautiful views of the Rose Valley, spring foliage, beautiful forest flowers and an outdoor picnic at the village hunting lodge.

With this eco-action “Youth and Civic Initiatives in the Rose Valley” concludes its “Young Ecoreactors” project, supported by Vivacom regional grant 2023, but not the eco initiatives and its aspiration to maintain the love for nature among young people and their desire to keep it clean.

You can find more information for activities of Youth and Civil Initiatives in the Rose Valley in their Facebook page:



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