Association “International Initiatives for Cooperation”, in its capacity as the coordinator of the Anna Lind Bulgaria National Network, is preparing a physical meeting of the members of the network.

The meeting will be held at City Library  “Paisiy Hilendarski”, Asenovgrad, who as a member of the network will also be our host. The dates of the working meeting are 29 and 30  March 2024.

The meeting will include two training modules. One module will be a training on a topic arising from the needs and recommendations of members during the physical meeting in the city of Sofia, organized in April 2023. The topic is “Digital tools for work in the NGO sector”. The second module will be about team building and motivation for active civic participation and work with our target groups. The training will be designed to increase the capacity of the members to engage citizens in community life by proposing diverse models of active participation. Finally, we plan to discuss ideas for future cooperation at national and international level. Information about the results of the meeting will be shared via email and in our next newsletter.


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