“Youth and Civil Initiatives in the Rose Valley” started work on our two-year project “Mission Possible”, funded by the Bulgarian Fund for Women under their “Birds in BG” project, financed by the European Union, providing support for the organizational development of our organization and for the implementation of projects empowering women and young girls and promoting gender equality. In 2023 under the project we celebrated the 16th anniversary of our association under the title “Mission Possible” and established the “Rose Valley” Women’s Club with active business ladies from the municipality of Karlovo with whom we will be implementing joint initiatives to support girls and women from the region.

Here are the links to the other initiatives in the month of December that “Youth and Civil Initiatives in the Rose Valley” completed.

International Volunteer Day 2023 https://www.facebook.com/mgirdrosevalley/posts/pfbid025aZgqTXqmpq4ytyv2uJb87T82dztvLvPMKrqnBm8APoQQHGT6Rk4qSrPm8uSLjw4l

Christmas initiatives

  • Make a dream come true


  • Christmas for Everyone



  • Christmas holiday “From the youth to the children of Karlovo Municipality”





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