Mural of Ivan Vazov – a great poet and writer, whose creative passion enriched Bulgarian literature, decorated the facade of the “Ivan Vazov – 2014” Community Center, Sofia city. This happened thanks to the “Graffiti Inspiration: Visual Symphony” project. The project is the result of the cooperation between two community centers and young artists connected by a common goal – to present the history and cultural heritage of Bulgaria through the art of mural painting. This project not only provided an opportunity for young artists to express their skills and talents, but also enriched the cultural landscape of the area. The implementation of the initiative was completed in the month of November and is carried out with the support of the entire community from the area and was financed within the framework of the Calendar of Cultural Events of the Sofia Municipality for the year 2023. You can see pictures from the creative process on the website of the Community Centre “Ivan Vazov – 2014” at Sofia:



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