Intercultural Dialogue Workshop was a in-situ event within Just EU and Me project which is funded by the European Union’s Citizens, Equality, Rights, and Values (CERV) Programme (2021-2027). The host of the event was International Initiatives for Cooperation Bulgaria. The project is implementing by seven European organisations: ActionAid Italia (Italy), International Initiatives for Cooperation Galicia (Spain), Foundation of Alternative Educational Initiatives (Poland), International Initiatives for Cooperation (Bulgaria), Nordic Diaspora Forum (Sweden), Transitions (Czech Republic) and European Movement International (Belgium).

During the Intercultural dialogue workshop more than 50 international participants learned how to use the Intercultural Dialogue methodology to create mutual understanding across targets’ perspectives while giving them equal hearing, discouraging abusive or derogatory language, identifying common grounds and priorities of action. Key for this methodology is the role of the “Dialogue Conductor”, the person who is responsible for all aspects related to the successful conducting (design, preparation and implementation) of a dialogue activity among heterogeneous groups or individuals in terms of origin, culture, political view, gender, religious beliefs.





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