The MAGNA SILVA Association was founded by a group of intellectuals in 2013 with the main priorities of popularising Bulgarian culture and art, restoring ancestral memory, protecting the environment and human rights. Since 2021, the association has been registered as a cultural organization in the Information Register of Cultural Organisations in Bulgaria.

MAGNA SILVA is implementing a very interesting project together with the Episcopal Basilica in Plovdiv (a major cultural and historical site that was opened to visitors 4 years ago). The project is called “A Bridge through the Times” and aims to provoke the interest of young people in the history and cultural heritage of Plovdiv and the Thrace region. The activities are based on the use of modern forms to attract the interest of young people – a computer test game, a board historical game and competitions “PLOVDIV – THE BEST!”. Emphasis is placed on Late Antiquity – Early Middle Ages, partly based on the expositions in the Basilica. Up to this point, the following activities have been carried out – the scenario of the historical game-test “PLOVDIV – THE BEST” in its printed version was created, as well as the scenario for the historical computer game. In the month of December, the artistic design of the game and the practical assignment for its production (printing) were completed. The computer game was also prepared, for which test phases were also performed in two secondary schools in the city of Plovdiv. There are many more interesting activities to come, such as training young people to be volunteer guides, competitions and launching the game. We will keep you informed!



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