In the period June 6-9, 2024, representatives of our colleagues from „Youth and Civil Initiatives in the Rose Valley“- Karlovo participated in a partner meeting in Greece under the “Go Green in Sport” project.

During Day 2 of their study visit in Greece, coinciding with World Oceans Day (8th June) and the partners consortium initiated a lot of ecological activities:

-organised a beach clean-up activity giving real example to tourists how they should keep the beach and sports fields clean of rubbish (as there was a beach volleyball pitch on the spot);

They found different kind of rubbish-mostly plastic bottles and cups, metal fizzy drink cans, cigarette buts, old flip-flops, paper tissues.

– celebrated World Oceans Day raising awareness on the importance of keeping beaches, seas and oceans clean of rubbish (especially plastic which endangers the marine life and biodiversity);

– played some partnership-bonding beach games and beach volleyball with the project T-shirts giving bigger visibility of the project;

-promoted the project and the funding programme among tourists at Leptokarya beach who were asking them about the aims and activities of the project;

– presented the final version of the Go Green in Sport toolkit for sport organisations and sport clubs, which can be freely downloaded from the project website;

-discussed and planed next project steps;




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