The process of learning by doing appears to be a very effective one when it comes to foreign language learning. 5th grade students from St. St. Cyril and Methodius Primary School – Haskovo, Bulgaria, created a Recipe Book in their English Classes.

Students are separated in five groups and are given five different dishes. First, they need to think of a team name and then separate in roles – leader, timekeeper, arbitrator, and recorder. The in-class task is to find the recipe through an online research on the internet. But the most interesting part is yet to come…

The homework task for every group is to cook the given dish. Indeed, it is challenging to cook, but it is an experience, which makes one learn various skills. For instance, creating a shopping list for products, thinking of a budget, cooking skills, etc.

Learning by doing is an effective approach, which is worth implementing in foreign language classes. Thus, a lesson could become an interdisciplinary experience for both students and teachers.




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