Our colleagues from Center for Legal Aid “Voice in Bulgaria”, Sofia managed to release Stefan (Mehran Davari) from the Detention Centre in Busmantsi on 22 January 2024. They prepared a petition and took legal procedures to help him get free. You can red Stefan’s story below.

On 11 of January 2024 Stefan (Mehran Davari), along-time client of CLA “Voice in Bulgaria” from Iran, was detained in the Detention Centre for undocumented migrants in Busmantsi district, Sofia. We have not been able to convince the migration officials, and in particular the Head of the Sofia Regional Migration Department, that Stefan’s detention is not only illegal, but wrong and improper.

Stefan has been in Bulgaria for over 14 years. He fled Iran due to political and religious persecution. In Iran he has been arrested, beaten, mentally terrorized. He has over 3 failed protection proceedings. He lives in Bulgaria on and off with and without documentation. But he never fails, leads a full life and enriches our society despite the obstacles of the system, typical of artists. He is a filmmaker and musician, he creates, makes films and music. He is the bass player in the band BULL$IT, who recently released their latest video “Life beyond” and who have topped the charts on ZRock radio more than once. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLKN_u4lPwg

They will continue to stand with Stephen and others like him to complete to ensure effective protection for refugees and to set legal paths for long-term residents and fully integrated in our country foreigners without documents.

You can see Stephan’s video message on the FB page of Center for Legal Aid “Voice in Bulgaria”: https://www.facebook.com/voiceinbulgaria


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