„A Step in the Future” Our partners and friends from the Gorna Oryahovitsa Youth Parliament which is part of Association “Youth Tolerance”, Gorna Oryahovitsa, invite you to the Fourteenth National Youth Meeting on the theme “A Step into the Future”. The event will be held is the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa from 07/04/2023 to 09/04/2023. The main topic during the three-day forum will be the place of young people in the modern world and their activity and volunteer work in the name of their own future. Among the main highlights will be the topics of: healthy lifestyle, prevention of various addictions and fight against aggression, use of digital technologies and fake news. Participants will discuss specific actions to stimulate the engagement and development of the youth civil sector with the resources provided by European Union opportunities. Guests will be able to express opinions and ideas on which priority areas their work as volunteers should be directed to and which actions are effective. Detailed information about the event and a request for participation can be found at the link: http://gyparlament.com/V2.0/ https://www.annalindhfoundation.org/members/youth-tolerance-association  #AnnaLindhFoundation https://www.facebook.com/annalindhfoundation


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